Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome to PostYourMoneyNeeds Where you Can Socialize your Projects to find Startup Financing

Welcome to PostYourMoneyNeeds once again.  You have the well-designed projects and great business plans for your killer startup, but you are unable to raise enough money to launch them.  How many good business plans are locked in your computer hard drive?

PostYourMoneyNeeds wants to work with people like you.  We want to encourage entrepreneurs and microbusiness incubators to post their ideas or projects on this blog and look for financial backup.  Make sure to give us a glimpse into your plan?  You will have enough time to answer the questions from the bank or the angel investor.  A great idea that will ultimately launch a great product or service should be developed and paid more attention.

Everyone is invited to post their requests for money.  If you have the projects, we want to hear from you.

Please feel free to post your requests in the "Comment Area" below each post.  The best business plans or projects will be re-published on this blog.

For example, if your Haiti Rebuilding Group has a good plan to fly down there to build homes and schools but needs money to buy materials, you can post your money requests on this blog.  Keep in mind that each request will have its own merit.  It can motivate somebody to give you the finances you need for your mission to Haiti.

The needs are unlimited.  Pick a need and decide to find solutions.  Post your projects, idea or business plans extract here.  Find financing to launch it!

Good luck to all of you!  May you find this exercise rewarding!

To Potential Angel Investors or Donors:

If you want to finance one of the business plans posted on this blog, you can contact the business plan owners directly. 

If you want to contact us, write to us at

How to Post Your Money Needs to Find Startup Financing: Socialize Your Business Idea or Needs for Money

1,  Post an extract of your business plan.  Make sure you put enough information that will convince an angel investor, individuals with a huge purse or a bank loan officer.  Prepare a compelling business plan.

2. Post your Paypal email address.  This way, the investor or loan officer may contact you directly.

3.  If you want, you can also give a physical address

4.  Tell your friends, family members and acquaintances about your projects, idea or business plan.  Send them a link to your post in the comment area

5.  Post a Comment in the Comment Area

6.  Socialize your requests.  Diffuse them on Twitter, Facebook and

7.  Post your projects even if they will not have anything to do with Haiti and Haitians.  Who knows? Maybe you will have customers from Haiti.

8.  Never stop thinking and generating ideas.  Keep having faith and dreaming!